Stamped and bent parts
up to 5mm material thickness


We work with all marketable steels, stainless steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metal as well as several synthetic materials such as Nylatron, Hostaphan etc.

Depending on the material and geometry of our parts we can stamp materials with a thickness up tp 5,0 mm with our machine facilities. Due to the alignment of our production we are able to produce small quantities as well as medium and large series from high quality progressive dies.

With our tool construction we can tailor all tools to your specific requirements.

Our facility consists of 35 stamping machines with pressure between 40-160 tons.

Beside numerous hydraulic stamping machines there exists many infeed presses for downstream operations such as bending, threading, leveling etc. Therefore, we are also able to produce small scale parts.

Whereby we are able to produce parts economical.

As an alternative to the classic bulk material, we also produce „coil goods“ for numerous customers, which are otimally suited for automated processing.

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